Ann Call

Ann (150 x 170)Dr Ann Call



Ann received a B.S. in Applied Physics from Kettering University in 2009 and PhD in Materials Science from Northwestern University in 2014.

Ann’s graduate work was focused on characterizing the relationship between microstructure and performance in solid oxide fuel cell cathodes which were infiltrated with mixed-ionically and electronically conducting nanoparticles.  This information was then used as part of a model to predict the initial and long-term performance of these electrodes and determine the viability of the infiltration method.

Since January 2015, Ann has been working on the 4CU Programme and contributing my expertise in linking materials properties, microstructure, and operating conditions to electrochemical performance, identification of rate-limiting processes, and degradation processes to co-electrolysis.

Please click here if you would like to see a video from Ann describing her research.

4CU Publications:

“Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Data from Solid Oxide Cells Undergoing Co-Electrolysis: The Influence of Rig Inductance Solid Oxide Electrolysis and Reversible Cells”, A. R. Thompson, A. V. Call, D. J. Cumming, D. C. Sinclair and R. H. Elder, ECS Transactions – DOI: 10.1149/06801.3417ecst

“Methodology for Analysis of Solid Oxide Cells Via Raman Spectroscopy”, J. Manerova, A. V. Call, D. C. Sinclair and R. H. Elder, ECS Transactions – DOI: 10.1149/06801.2083ecst


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