Dan Reed

Dan (150x170)Dan Reed

Email: cpa08dr@sheffield.ac.uk


Dan graduated in 2013 from Sheffield University with a Masters degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering. He was interested in the environmental side of the course and having previously undertaken research regarding CO2 emissions reduction via utilisation, Dan was keen to take this research further. Dan started his PhD in October 2013 working CO2 absorption using ionic liquids under the supervision of Professor Peter Styring.

For more information on Dan’s research, please click here to have a look at his video.

4CU Publications:

“Kinetic and Economic Analysis of Reactive Capture of Dilute Carbon Dioxide with Grignard Reagents”, G. R. M. Dowson, I. Dimitriou, R. E. Owen, D. G. Reed and P. Styring, Faradays Discussions – DOI: 10.1039/C5FD00049A

“Fast and Selective Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Dilute Streams by Pressure Swing Adsorption using Solid Ionic Liquids”,  P. Styring,  G. R. M. Dowson,  D. G. Reed,  J.-M. J. A. Bellas and  C. Charalambous, Faraday Discussions – DOI: 10.1039/C6FD00035E


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