Matthew Moss

Matthew (150x170)Matthew Moss



Having attained his Masters’ degree in Chemical Engineering with Chemistry from the University of Sheffield in 2013, Matthew joined the 4CU project knowing that research in the field of carbon dioxide abatement technology was the right path for him.

His PhD project focuses on the plasmolytic reduction of carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide in a pulsed corona discharge reactor. Undertaking this PhD signifies a shift from his chemistry based Masters’ project “Molecular CO2 Interactions with Capture Agents and Catalysis” to a more physics based plasma project, an exciting challenge!

Carbon dioxide reduction is an area of huge environmental importance and to continue on in this field of research was an easy choice to make. It also follows on nicely from previous projects Matthew worked on, most recently the design of a portable carbon capture unit in collaboration with Simon Carves Engineering.

For more information on the research that Matthew is doing, as part of the 4CU Programme Grant, please click here for his video.


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