Pelayo Garcia-Gutierrez

Pelayo Garcia GuttierrezPelayo Garcia-Gutierrez


Originally from Spain, I hold a MEng in Chemical Engineering (First Class honour degree) as well as a MSc in Environmental Management and Technology.

My main area of expertise is in Environmental Engineering, developed throughout both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. As an undergraduate (University of Extremadura, Spain) I gained experience in the field by working on membrane technologies for waste water treatment. I had the fortune of deepening my understanding in the field by working as an intern at AGROEX, the world leader in the production of tomato powder, with sales above 14,000 Mt per year.

At a post-graduate level, I further developed my knowledge of Environmental Engineering by obtaining an MSc in Environmental Management and Technology at Oxford Brookes University. For my Master’s Thesis I worked on a comparison study between energy systems in the UK and Spain. More specifically, I focussed on the opportunities for policy measures to be introduced in each country in order to improve environmental performance within the sector of electricity generation.

I joined the 4CU team in September 2012 to conduct analysis, simulation and optimization of Carbon Capture and Utilization processes. The aim is to develop chemical processes to produce Liquid Fuels from CO2 by incorporating novel technology to existing standard processes. All the simulations are being carried out under ASPEN PLUS (AspenTech).

For a video on Pelayo’s research, click here.


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