Solid Sorbents

Solid Sorbents


We are seeking to develop a series of solid adsorbents that capture carbon dioxide from dilute gas streams, typically using rapid changes of gas pressures to achieve high carbon dioxide selectivity. These solids will be robust and ideally low-cost, allowing for high efficiency capture without high operational or capital expenditure.

For each sorbent we will:

  • Synthesise, characterise and evaluate novel materials, investigating effect of various pressure swing profiles
  • Determine trends in CO2 uptake and CO2 separation performance
  • Develop the pressure swing adsorption/separation process to allow process and economic feasibility to be determined (in collaboration with SP1)

Main Achievements:

  • Designed, constructed and validated a range of techniques for CO2 adsorption
  • Demonstrated enrichment of a 12% CO2 flue gas to 40-66% in a single pass pressure swing adsorber

 Selected Output:

  • “Ionic Liquids with a Dual Role: Adsorbents and Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilisation”, P. Styring, ICCDU XII, Washington (USA), June 2013 (Oral presentation)

For more background on the research, click here.

Liquid Sorbents

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