SP1 – Process Modelling

SP1 – Process Modelling


The objective of SP1 is to develop process flow sheets for CO2 utilisation processes incorporating technologies examined by projects within Themes B & C and to assess their techno-economic feasibility. The process simulation software Aspen Plus is used to calculate and track all mass and energy flows across the whole system. The information thus generated is used for sustainability assessments in SP2 to identify the most sustainable CCU process options considered within the project. This is being achieved through the development of a decision-support framework and a tool for sustainability assessment (environmental, economic and social).

Main Achievements:

  • Established 4 “Base Case Models” (BCM) which use currently available (ie high TRL) technology for hydrocarbon fuels from waste CO2. Carried out the first, in depth, publically available techno-economic assessment study.
  • Quantified the extent to which fuel production with current CCU technologies is not economically viable highlighting the need for the development of new CCU technologies.
  • Developed, for flow sheeting purposes, a complex monoethanolamine (MEA) CO2 capture model that includes electrolyte chemistry as well as a Fischer-Tropsch reactor model which is based on kinetic and stoichiometric relations.
  • Collaborated in production of 2 papers, one accepted and one submitted for publication.
  • Made strong start in incorporating work from SP’s 3 to 7 into process and sustainability modelling. Starting by incorporating both Ionic Liquids and Solid Oxide Electrolysis cells into the flow sheets. Close working relationships established with those working in these areas.

Selected Output:

  • “Process and Economic Analysis of Synthetic Fuel Production from CO2“, I. Dimitriou, AIChE Annual meeting, Altanta (USA), November 2014 (Oral presentation)
  • “Carbon dioxide utilisation for production of transport fuels: process and economic analysis”, I. Dimitriou, P. García-Gutiérrez, R. Elder, R. Cuéllar-Franca, A. Azapagic, R. Allen, Energy and Environmental Science, 2015 (DOI:10.1039/C4EE04117H)

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 SP2 – Sustainability Assessment

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