SP2 – Sustainability Assessment

SP2 – Sustainability Assessment


The main aim of SP2 is to identify the most sustainable CCU process options being developed within the project. The SP2 deliverables are as follows:

  1. Development of a sustainability assessment framework and a tool for sustainability assessment of CCU;
  2. Environmental, economic and social sustainability assessments of different CCU options;
  3. Engagement with and communication of the results to relevant stakeholders.

Main Achievements:

  • Consolidation of current work completed and a review paper published
  • LCA and LCC carried out of base-case CCU design options (in collaboration with SP1)
  • A new comprehensive set of social sustainability indicators relevant for CCU developed
  • Sustainability assessment framework developed, integrating LCA, LCC and social assessment
  • Successful stakeholder engagement to identify sustainability issues and develop CCU Sustainability Metrics; Development of a questionnaire for eliciting public opinions on CCU

Selected Outputs:

  • “Carbon capture, storage and utilisation technologies: An analysis and comparison of their life cycle environmental impacts”, R. Cuellar-Franca and A. Azapagic, Journal of CO2 Utilization, 2014 (DOI:10.1016/j.jcou.2014.12.001)
  • “Utilising carbon dioxide: integrating environmental sustainability considerations into process design”, R. Cuellar-Franca, 13th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering, Barcelona (Spain), September 2014 (Oral presentation)
  • “Application of life cycle assessment to process design: Carbon capture and utilisation”, R. Cuellar-Franca, XIV Life Cycle Assessment Conference, San Francisco (USA), October 2014 (Oral presentation)
  • “Carbon capture and utilisation: Environmental impacts of synthetic fuels from waste CO2“, R. Cuellar-Franca, SETAC LCA Symposium, Novi Sad (Serbia), November 2014 (Oral presentation)

Theme B – Carbon Capture & Release

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