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I graduated with a BSc (2005) and a PhD (2009) from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sheffield. During my PhD I worked under the supervision of Dr. Tim Richardson on thin molecular films for VOC vapour sensing.

After finishing my PhD I was immediately employed by the Nano Material Engineering Group in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Sheffield. Under the supervision of the late, great Dr. Tim Richardson I investigated novel Calix-Porph (covalently linked calixarene and porphyrins) molecules for use as optical sensors to detect toxic analytes. Here I worked closely with Prof. Chris Hunter, University of Cambridge, creating Langmuir layers, Langmuir-Blodgett films and optical sensing devices through colour changes and absorbance shifts.

In 2012 I worked on a Kick-Start project using my thin film expertise to generate nano-bubbles with nano-porous membranes. This was my first insight into the world of small bubbles in the micro fluidics group, led by Prof. Will Zimmerman. Here I investigated the generation of microbubbles and the factors affecting their size, monodispersity and application within various fluidic systems.

A brief change of project took me to the micro-rheology group in the School of Mathematics & Statistics, working with Dr. Julia Rees, developing an inline micro-rheometer. Working on this patented device has given me a short but important exposure to academic-industry relationships.

Since March 2014, I work on the 4CU programme grant, Sub-Project 4,  in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, The University of Sheffield. The aim of this sub-project is the combination of Microbubbles technology and Ionic Liquids for the efficient absorption and desorption of Carbon Dioxide.

Outside my academic career, interests are property renovation, ice hockey, golf, coffee and pug breading.

Selected publications:

  • S A Brittle, A Flores, A Hobson, A J Parnell, A D F Dunbar, C A Hunter, T H Richardson, “Macroscopic expansion of tetraphenylporphyrin Langmuir layers stimulated by protonation”, Soft Matter 01/2012; 8(10):2807-2811
  • Stuart A. Brittle, Tim H. Richardson, Alan D. F. Dunbar, Simon M. Turega, Chris A. Hunter, “Tuning free base tetraphenylporphyrins as optical sensing elements for volatile organic analytes”, Journal of Materials Chemistry 01/2011; 21(13):4882-4887.

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