Tom Butterworth

Tom ButterworthDr Tom Butterworth

4CU PDRA 2015-2016

4CU PhD 2012-2015


Tom obtained his Master’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2011. After completing his Master’s dissertation on “water disinfection via active oxygen species using microplasmas”, he knew that I wanted to pursue a career in research.

Tom has always been interested in environmental protection, and after having searched for a PhD he found the best one for him right on his doorstep! He knew both his supervisors, Prof. Ray Allen and Dr. Rachael Rothman (nee Elder), before he started his PhD and it seemed like a good match. His work was on “Plasmolytic reduction of carbon dioxide and water for synthetic fuel production”. He used a type of plasma reactor called a “Ferroelectric packed bed reactor” to carry out experiments, and develop a sustainable method of carbon dioxide utilisation.

Tom has now joined DIFFER as a Research Associate

4CU Publications:

“Effects of particle size on CO2 reduction and discharge characteristics in a packed bed plasma reactor”, T. D. Butterworth, R. H. Elder, R. W. K. Allen, Chemical Engineering Journal – DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2016.02.047



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